Getting Started with Your OWN Career School

Why Not Explore the Opportunity of owning your own  CAREER SCHOOL?  The Healthcare Careers industry is one of the few industries that are guaranteed to keep growing from year to year.  

Legacy Career Institute is unique – Our ratings with our students and clients are unmatched.  The quality of the services we provide at our schools speak for themselves.  Students enjoy the highest quality of teachers and facilities.  Legacy Career Institute has the highest and most consistent pass rates for licensing exams in the state of TEXAS.   

JOIN OUR WINNING TEAM of entreprenuers by clicking  on the "CONTACT US"  link above or calling our office at 469-312-8885. One of our Franchise Developers and  Directors will contact you immediately.

 Qualities of a Franchise Owner

•Entrepreneurial Spirit
•Strong at building relationships
•Passionate about your community and the lives of students and the lives they will touch
•Hands-on in daily operations for at least the first year
•Looking to invest in a business and invest at least $50,000 to start
•Medical//Educational/Management experience is great, but not required

Training, Support and Coaching for your Business

•Franchise Team will train and support you while you take on this new endeavor.

•Hire or work with our strong General Manager(s) and team members to run daily operations

•New Franchise owners receive coaching and preparation to run a successful business up and running within 3 months.

•You’ll be assigned a business coach who will hold regular calls with you to focus on your goals, review metrics of your business, and help you overcome any challenges you face.

•Additionally, you will receive sessions during Training Week to participate in seminars, discussions and brainstorming, and gain insights and valuable support.

•You’ll also be provided with useful resources and blueprints such as our 3 month  plan designed to keep you on track during your initial weeks after launch.

•Years of experience and modeling that you will benefit from in starting a business that has been tested and proven.

•You can be assured that the people you will be working with will treat you like family and work with unparalleled levels of integrity and commitment.

•Legacy Career Institute is in the Education and Healthcare Industry. It is as close to a recession-proof industry as you can find. In recessionary times it is good to be in a business that is not considered a luxury but a necessity. Education and Healthcare are not luxuries.

•Have fun at work! It is rare that you will have a customer who isn't thrilled to graduate and start their new career.

Manage your own life

Isn't it time for you to consider taking control of your life? Control your own schedule and lifestyle.  Legacy Career Institute Franchise Owners enjoy the lifestyle they have always wanted.  They enjoy a healthy work-life balance and they create their own work culture and work environment.  As a franchise owner you can spend more time with your family while running a successful and thriving business. From day -1 you will be able to schedule your time around the people and the things that you care about the most.  Ask our franchise owners, they will say "What are you waiting for? The satisfaction of owning your own  business is unlike anything else you will ever experience."